12 Romantic Holiday Date Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! If you're in a relationship, there's no better time to show your significant other how much you care than during the holidays. But deciding what to do on a date can be tough—especially if you want to make it extra special. Never fear, we've got you covered. Here are twelve romantic Christmas date ideas to get you in the holiday spirit.

Go ice skating

Being out in the cold and gliding across the ice feels festive. And bonus points if you can make it to an outdoor rink with twinkly lights. If you need to learn how to skate, this date is the perfect opportunity to learn together (and laugh at each other's mishaps).

Make gingerbread houses (and then eat them) 

This one is more fun than your average dinner date. You and your partner can channel your inner child and build a gingerbread house from scratch—or use a kit if you're feeling as adventurous. Once you're done constructing your masterpiece, take a break to enjoy some holiday cookies or hot chocolate. Then, when you're feeling up to it, demolish your creation! It'll be satisfying and delicious.

Go on a romantic sleigh ride 

This one is classic for a reason. There's something truly magical about cuddling up under a blanket while a horse-drawn sleigh takes you on a scenic tour of the winter wonderland around you. If you don't live in a snowy area, never fear—many cities offer holiday-themed carriage rides that will give you the same festive feeling.

Volunteer together

The holidays are about giving back, so why not do it with the person you love? Spend an afternoon at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter or help at a Toys for Tots drive. You'll feel good about yourselves and get into the holiday spirit at the same time—it's a win-win!

Classic Christmas Movie Night

Classic Christmas movie night is always a great go-to for fun date ideas. You probably already enjoy watching your favorite old movies during the holidays; romantic ones are even better!

What would be even more enjoyable? Sharing those childhood classics with someone else so they can get in on all of that sweet nostalgia, too – remember when we used to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas right before bedtime? Make it complete with Christmas cookies and milk.

Cook a Festive Dinner Together 

Nothing says "romance" like spending time together in the kitchen! Prepare a traditional Christmas feast or get creative with some festive-themed dishes - either way, your taste buds will thank you. Remember the mistletoe!

Wrap presents together 

Who says wrapping presents have to be a chore? Make it into a fun activity by turning up some Christmas tunes and sharing a glass of eggnog as you wrap each other's presents. You can even add your personal touch by making homemade present tags. 

Have a picnic under the stars 

Bundle up and enjoy a winter picnic under the stars! Bring all your favorite picnic foods and cozy blankets to keep you warm. If you're feeling extra romantic, you could even write love letters to each other or exchange small gifts. 

Look at the Christmas lights 

Drive around town and enjoy looking at all the houses decorated with pretty lights and Christmas decorations - it's sure to get you both feeling festive! Bonus points if you can find houses with moving reindeer or Santa Claus figures. Better yet, make it a scavenger hunt for your favorite Christmas characters or scenes!

Have A snowball fight or make snow angels in the park 

This is one for people who are kids at heart! Embrace your inner child and spend an afternoon playing in the snow - just make sure you don't aim for each other's face!

Plan Surprise Gifts

For every day leading up to Christmas, surprise your loved one with a small gift or thoughtful gesture. It could be anything from flowers or chocolates to tickets to their favorite band's concert - whatever you know they'll love!

Slow things down & enjoy simple things 

Stroll around hand-in-hand savoring momentous scenes around you .. Embrace serenity & avoid getting caught up with stress from Holiday Rush ..  Breathe in crisp air & let out soothing sighs .. Let happiness envelop you as you start counting down the days ‘til Christmas. 


Whatever you end up doing, just remember that it's the thought that counts – so have fun planning something special for your loved one this holiday season! So put on your best holiday outfit, turn on some festive tunes, and get ready for a date night that will get you in the holiday spirit! What are your favorite things to do with your partner during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below! 


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