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Finding Love Summit 2022

Inspiration and Advice for Healthier Relationships Whether You Are Single or Married (and Especially if it's Complicated)

The Finding Love Summit brings together leading voices in the relationship and mental health fields to support singles, couples, and families in navigating their way to loving, harmonious relationships in these chaotic and uncertain times.

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People-Pleasing Masterclass Bundle 

Learn concrete steps to end people-pleasing and over-giving and start getting the heart-centered relationships you want (and deserve!).

Get access to:

  • A Whole New You: 5 Steps to End People-pleasing and Over-Giving and Get the Heart-Centered Relationships You Want (video module)
  • Finding Love Summit Episode: Setting and Keeping Boundaries with Melissa Wolak (video module)
  • Effective Communication Guide (Workbook)
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Taming Your Triggers

A Process for Overcoming Emotional Triggers

It's important to take responsibility for your triggers and to not make your partner responsible for what upset you and triggered your fight or flight response. 

Use this worksheet to identify your triggers, learn more about triggers, and figure out what to do about them.

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Effective Communication Guide

This 15-page pdf workbook teaches you:

  • 6 Principles of Effective Communication
  • Common assumptions you don’t know you’re making
  • How not to communicate aggressively or passively
  • A template for how to say what you need so you are heard
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28-Day Rekindle Your Relationship Challenge

Join the 28-Day Rekindle Your Relationship Challenge. FREE! Subscribe and receive emails every day of fun challenge activities designed to reconnect you to your lover.

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Self-Worth Building Worksheet

Have you noticed that feeling disconnected from a primary partnership naturally generates questions of your value? It’s common to wonder if you matter or what’s wrong with you. I’ve put together a process so you can apply what you already do well in any other area of your life.

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7 Relationship Rules Mini E-book

The rules were so valuable to me in my journey to a healthy and happy relationship that I wrote a book to help you and your friends. The book is Loved: Relationships Rules for Women Who Thought They Knew the Rules. In the book I explain the rules in detail, along with the science behind them. If you find these rules helpful, let me know. I'd love to hear about your journey.

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Join the Creating Soulful Relationships Community

Join this group to discuss your most pressing relationship issues. Find support and advice and learn how to love better so you can have the Soulful Relationship you want and deserve.

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Loved: Relationship Rules for Women Who Thought They Knew the Rules

Extraordinary relationships don’t break the rules, they embrace them. This book offers relationship advice while explaining how you can achieve your goals authentically and from the heart.

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