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Hi, I’m Dr. Julie, or just Julie to you...

I am Dr. Julie Shafer, a psychologist, relationship coach, and award-winning author.

I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards more authentic relationships by breaking free from people-pleasing patterns and habits. With over two decades of experience, I focus on helping people build authenticity by forming meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Motivated by a passion for empowering women, I wrote the award-winning book, “Loved: Relationship Rules for Women Who Thought They Knew the Rules,” drawing on my extensive expertise and personal challenges with authenticity and people-pleasing.

In my transformative work, I explore people-pleasing dynamics, recognizing it as a pervasive issue that significantly impacts personal growth and connection. Combining my knowledge of relationship dynamics, trauma, adult attachment, and societal conditioning, I highlight the influence people-pleasing has on all aspects of life. I guide women seeking to overcome the limitations of people-pleasing on a journey of authenticity, genuine connection, and a joyful life.

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