Dr. Julie Shafer


Dr. Julie Shafer, PhD 

Welcome! I am a licensed psychologist located in the Portland area. I provide evidence-based psychotherapy and education for people who are struggling with mental health and relationship problems.

My goal is to help you create a whole, healthy, meaningful life in a nonjudgmental, safe atmosphere of respect and discovery. I will help you determine what matters most to you and how best to achieve that end.

I help clients with:

Anxiety & stress
Bipolar Disorder
PTSD & childhood trauma
Relationship problems
Chronic health issues
Lack of self-confidence
Chronic Pain
Habit change

Even if you don’t know exactly what’s wrong, therapy would be helpful if you are struggling with  problems focusing, lack of motivation, difficult relationships, feeling burned out, problems at work, and life transitions.

My approach to therapy is collaborative and direct. I like to have active discussions, make suggestions, and give you things to do or think about between sessions. Additionally, I have extensive training and experience working with people who have physical/medical problems in addition to mental health concerns. If you have health issues along with mental health concerns, I can work closely with your medical providers and can often help patients "translate" what their providers are saying to them.

"If what you're doing isn't working, do something different"

A little about me

I have a PhD in clinical psychology with a specialty in health psychology from Ohio State University. I’ve worked in hospitals and clinics and have been in private practice since 2005. My health psychology focus means that I incorporate an understanding the role the physical body plays in your mental health and can work with you on addressing needs both physically and emotionally.

I am currently practicing remotely using a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.

Using your insurance

I am contracted with Pacific Source and with Moda. I am in several (but not all) networks with both insurance companies. Check their online directories to see if I’m in-network with your specific plan.

I am out-of-network with all other insurances.

No Surprises Act

On January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act went into effect. To learn more about the Act and your rights under the Act, see the NSA GFE and NSA General notices. 👈 these notices are downloadable


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