Are you ready to take charge of your heart?

The Finding Love Summit brings together leading voices in the relationship and mental health space to support singles, couples, and families in navigating their way to loving, harmonious relationships in these chaotic times.


Join me and the 20+ experts on Love, Connection, Boundaries and more...

Arielle Ford

Manifesting Love in Your Life

Angela Holton

Finding Sanctuary in Love

Dr. John Gray

Attracting Men and How They Experience Relationships 

Jaime Bronstein

Transitioning from Divorce to Marrying Again

Dr. Gary Salyer

When is it Safe to Love Again?

Cheyenne Bostock

Dating to Attract a High-Quality Man

Sarah Ramsey

Moving Beyond Toxic Relationships

Dr. Debi Silber

Overcoming Betrayal

Erin Matlock

Releasing the Need for Approval and Loving Who You Are

Junie Moon

The Shadow Side of Love

Amberly Lambertsen

Making Your Marriage Great Through Intentionality

Melissa Orlov

Effect of ADHD on Relationships

Corinne Farago

Expanding Your Erotic Menu

Jayson Gaddis

Working Through Conflict in High-Stakes Relationships

Keisha Bryan

Healing Trauma and Addiction in Relationships and Families

Gabby Gast

Guilt-Free Communication with Your Partner, Your Kids, and (even!) Your Ex

Melissa Wolak

Setting and Keeping Boundaries

Dr. Sarah Rattray

Key Communication Skills

Karlita Nabours-Palermo

What's Self-Love Got to Do With It?

Wendy Newman

The Avoidable Troublemakers in Nearly Every Good Relationship

Juanina Kocher

Easy Steps for Self-Care and "Me Time" for Busy Moms

Melisa Keenan

Creating Radiant Sensually in Your Relationship

Lisa Hawkins

Consciousness & Awareness in Relationships

Mariette Jansen

Identifying and Addressing Toxic Relationships

LeAnn Lazar

Conscious Intentional Action in All Relationships

Andrea Isaacs

Emotional Mastery: Embodying powerful & positive emotional states


FREE MASTERCLASS with Dr. Julie Shafer

"A Whole New You"

  • How to Stop People-Pleasing and Over-Giving and Start Getting the Heart-Centered Relationships You Want
  •  How to tell if you are a people-pleaser or over-giver
  •  Why people become pleasers and givers 
  •  How, when and why to stop people-pleasing and over-giving
  •  How to say, "No" with kindness and respect

Summit Host

Hosted by Julie Shafer, PhD.

Julie is a psychologist and relationship coach. For the past 20 years, she has provided guidance to hundreds of clients regarding relationships, life transitions, goal attainment, and navigating health and mental health concerns. She earned her PhD in clinical psychology from Ohio State University (Go Bucks!).

Julie's award-winning book, Loved: Relationship Rules for Women Who Thought They Knew the Rules, encourages readers to take responsibility for their relationships and in the process gives them the confidence they need to make important changes.

Julie's mission in bringing the Summit to the world is to address the need to feel connected in the current disconnected and divisive cultures we find ourselves. We need relationships to support us through uncertainty and distress. However, social media, the pandemic, increasing demands on time and attention, and the stress of our times have made it difficult (impossible?) to find and trust true connection.