Finding Love Summit 2022 

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Inspiration and Advice for Healthier Relationships Whether You Are Single or Married
(and Especially if it's Complicated)

The Finding Love Summit brings together leading voices in the relationship and mental health fields to support singles, couples, and families in navigating their way to loving, harmonious relationships in these chaotic and uncertain times.

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Are you? 

  • Struggling to attract the right partner?
  • Feeling like there are no good single adults left in the world?
  • Worried about being lonely for the rest of your life?
  • Feeling overwhelmed because you don't have the support you need?
  • Confused because you seem to attract the same relationship problems over and over?
  • Struggling to overcome betrayal and infidelity?
  • Looking for but not finding emotional connection?
  • Feeling stuck in a routine or lonely in your relationship?
  • Wanting to create an amazing relationship but worried you'll mess it up (again)?
  • Trying to get over being rejected?
  • Always feeling like you are walking on eggshells?

Are you looking for the Finding Love Summit from 2021? 

The Finding Love Summit 2021 brings together leading voices in the relationship and mental health space to support singles, couples, and families in navigating to loving, harmonious relationships in these chaotic times.

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The Finding Love Story

This summit is created out of an observation I made several years ago. 

I noticed that regardless of the problems people have, all problems impact relationships and problematic relationships impact progress.  

We all struggle with relationships at times and these struggles are especially important now. We feel more disconnected than ever before. We realize that social media is a poor substitute for face-to-face interaction. Zoom is better than nothing, but it certainly isn’t the same. The bottom line is we need good quality relationships and each person has more influence over that process than they know. 

That’s why I’m bringing this summit to you.

It’s my desire to provide you access to experts so you can get the information and solutions you need for improving your relationships and improving your life. Learning about ourselves and how to be in relationships is a life-long process, the key to success, and completely doable.

for any kind of relationship status...


and want to learn how to live happily as a single person AND find the love of their life.


and want to figure out how to deal with relationship problems that range from feeling heard to coping with your partner's problems or addictions to whether to leave or stay in your relationship.


and want to recover from your divorce and learn how to trust and love again. This ranges from the transition out of your marriage, when to start dating, and how to date as a single parent.

Event Speakers

Gary Salyer

Cultivating the Feelings of Secure Attachment

Dr. Erica Goodstone

Heal Yourself and Become a Magnet for Love

Christina Veselak

It's Your Brain's Job to Cope, Not Yours

Allana Pratt

The Key to Creating Deeper Intimacy

Junie Moon

Light Up Your Shadow Side and Find Your Love

Abbey Kelly

Unexpected Ways You Aren't Loving Yourself Like You Think You Are

Rhonda Britten

Living and Loving Fearlessly

Azaria Menezes

The Role of Pleasure in Finding Self-Love

Jenni Rochelle

Overcoming Betrayal Trauma

Gina Daniels

Common Misunderstandings About Forgiveness

Kiri Honey

The Unexpected Key to Recovery From Betrayal

Sarah K Ramsey 

Toxic Person Proof Yourself

Nate Bagley

What to do with Roommate Syndrome

Kyle Benson 

Learn How to Fight Better

Geoff Laughton

Steps for Working Through Conflict and Setting Strong Boundaries

Anwar White

The One Thing You Need For a High-Quality Relationship

Chelli Pumphrey

The Key to Protecting Yourself From Narcissistic Relationships

Tracy Malone

Divorcing Your Narcissist

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver

Exploring Tantric Intimacy

Alison Armstrong

Understanding Men

Andrea Caprio

Confidence, Cravings, and Your Happiness 

Misa Hopkins

Healing Through Our Feminine Essence 

Sara Schulting-Kranz

4 Steps to Self-Forgiveness 

Roy Biancalana

How Ready Are You For a Healthy Relationships?

Erin Matlock

Can It Work If Your Partner Has a Mental Illness? 

Get your all-access pass for only $129

Finding Love Summit Host

Finding Love Summit is hosted by Julie Shafer, PhD.

Julie is a psychologist and relationship coach. For the past 20 years, she has provided guidance to hundreds of clients regarding relationships, life transitions, goal attainment, and navigating health and mental health concerns. She earned her PhD in clinical psychology from Ohio State University (Go Bucks!).

Julie's award-winning book, Loved: Relationship Rules for Women Who Thought They Knew the Rules, encourages readers to take responsibility for their relationships and in the process gives them the confidence they need to make important changes.

Julie's mission in bringing the Finding Love Summit to the world is to address the need to feel connected in the current disconnected and divisive cultures we find ourselves. We need relationships to support us through uncertainty and distress. However, social media, the pandemic, increasing demands on time and attention, and the stress of our times have made it difficult (impossible?) to find and trust true connection.

Giving Back

A portion of Finding Love Summit proceeds will be going to Raphael House of Portland. For over 40 years, Raphael House of Portland has helped survivors find safety, hope, and independence. Since opening their doors in 1977, they've offered uninterrupted access to emergency domestic violence shelters in a confidential location. You can visit their website at