People-Pleasing Masterclass Bundle 

A need for connection and a fear of losing relationships causes us to believe we should please others and give to them unconditionally.

But does it really work?

In this masterclass, Dr. Julie reveals the unexpected problem with people-pleasing and over-giving and what to do about it.

By the end, you’ll have concrete steps to end people-pleasing and over-giving and start getting the heart-centered relationships you want (and deserve!).

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A Whole New You: 5 Steps to End People-pleasing and Over-Giving and Get the Heart-Centered Relationships You Want
(video module)

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • Whether you are a people-pleaser or over-giver
  • The difference between people-pleasing and over-giving
  • The problems created by people-pleasing and over-giving
  • The surprising problem you thought you were fixing

Setting and Keeping Boundaries with Melissa Wolak
(video module)

In this hour-long interview with Melissa Wolak, we explore

  • What is push-back behavior?
  • How to check-in with yourself
  • The Mend, Tend and Befriend reaction
  • The tendency to apologize when we set a boundary

Effective Communication Guide

This 15-page pdf workbook teaches you:

  • 6 Principles of Effective Communication
  • Common assumptions you don’t know you’re making
  • How not to communicate aggressively or passively
  • A template for how to say what you need so you are heard