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Hi, I’m Dr. Julie, or just Julie to you, and I coach adults to a better future by helping to turn big, overwhelming relationship problems into a series of small, doable changes. I’ve dedicated my professional life to this because it’s the one thing all my clients talk about, regardless of their reason for working with me initially. It’s also something I’m intimately familiar with, but more about that later. I'm a Portland psychologist and wrote Loved: Relationship Rules for Women Who Thought They Knew the Rules after two decades working with women on their relationships and going through a few struggles of my own. My work and writing focuses on getting the connection with others you want and deserve, whether it is with an intimate partner, friend, or family member. I have a PhD in clinical psychology from Ohio State University and has helped hundreds of people improve their relationships and their lives. 

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This is You

You’re an adult who’s going through (or needs to go through) a significant relationship change and has exhausted family, friends, yourself, your pets, your gym, your prayers or the Internet in search of answers and support to get to your new now or next now.

> You’re post-marriage, post-partnership, and want to find new love or companionship.

> You’re in a relationship – romantic, familial, professional – but it’s taken a turn for the worse or hasn’t improved over time.

> You’re alone, suddenly or chronically, and need to find a new peace or sense of adventure on your own.

You have things you want to do with your life and it feels like your relationship struggles may be holding you back. You don’t have to feel alone with your relationship problems any longer. Set up a free 15-minute chat with me and let’s see if we’d be a good match.


"What do I do now, Julie?"

I hear this question a lot when clients are stuck in difficult relationships, whether the problems are on a slow burn or come on suddenly, are big or small (it’s relative, right?), or feel solvable or not.

With the exception of those chaos-lovers out there (party on … this is your time), when relationships are influx it can be overwhelming in a heart-thumping, teeth-grinding, short-circuiting, or slow depression kind of way. It’s hard to know what to do next or first when relationship problems bubble to the surface. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed or shutdown, it’s easy to resist the needs and desires of your future self – the one that’s nagging you to do something now or before it’s too late.

For the non-chaos-junkies, I’m here for you. Your individual, relationship-wrangling, get-you-to-your-future-faster-and-better coach.

Since 2003, after graduating from Ohio State University with a doctorate in clinical psychology, I’ve helped 450+ clients make these tough, quality-of-life-critical changes through a unique combination of:

> Asking the right questions that challenge status quo biases

> Taking the next “good enough” action

> Managing the fear of change


"I've been there.."

 I struggled for many years in a marriage that didn’t suit me as well as it should have. Then, in a horrible twist of fate, just as we were talking honestly about the future of our relationship and addressing the problems in a new, productive manner, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Within a year he passed away. Wow! I thought I was addressing one relationship problem and heading one direction in life when I was suddenly dealing with another, much different relationship problem and being sent in another direction.

The changes this has imposed on my life continue to this day. And as I navigate the changes and new relationships, I walk my talk. I plan thoughtfully for the future, focus on what I can do today, purposefully engage in self-care, and access my support network, including friends, family, and my own coach.

Sorting through relationships and the changes they bring to life is my business and my life. It’s not easy, but I’m doing it. And I’d like to help you do it, too.

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"I'm my spare time ..."

When I’m not taming the changes in my life or helping you tame yours, you’ll find me on a hiking trail with my dogs, creating new dishes in the kitchen, hanging out with friends, watching the latest series on Netflix or reading a book.


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